This is a database that holds one record for each person with that contact's details such as name, email address, phone numbers and employer. There are also records of all previous meetings with that person, and by extension - activities done in that institution. Advanced features such as personal Communication Attributes and Marketing Attributes are making this contact manager state of the art.

Everything about your contact in one place.

Your contacts are the heart of your business. All your activities are saved in one place, including related emails, meetings, presentations, phone calls and notes, in a single, universal contact card. Never lose track of the interaction with a person.


Some people like to be called onthe phone, others contacted in person; some like to have meetings in the morning, others in the afternoon. If you have hundreds of contacts how will you remember all of that? With Elverionit's easy. You can choose attributes for every contact, thus making your interactions more fruitful because you will have all this information easily accessible.

Import existing Address Book

Most of the companies already have databases of their contacts. Some are stored on mobile phones, online address books, others in Excel files. Where ever your contacts are, they can easily be transferred to Elverion.

A continuous experience for you and your customers

You want your customers to know that no matter who meets them, that person knows quite a bit about their wants and needs. With Elverion, anyone with permission to view a particular contact card can review activities history, emails and notes and thus creating a continuous experience for your customer that extends beyond the relationship they had with one sales rep.