Use the powerful built-in analytics to increase your productivity, improve your relationships and generate better performance. The intuitive visual interface makes the data easy to understand and assists you in spotting weaknesses in your company, team or individual processes. Elverion gives you access to a full suite of sales and activity reports, setting a new standard.

For Managers

The sooner you can evaluate which business processes are working and which ones are not, the quicker you can scale back ineffective solutions and expand successful tactics. Elverion analytics gives you that opportunity.

Get important data

Your success depends upon the success of the whole team. You need actionable data from everyone who reports to you. That data can be hard to come by. Elverion gets you that intel instantly. The analytics system gives managers access to reports on all the activities from all users.

Improve Your Process

With Elverion, you can filter and sort all your activities to help you analyze your company, team and individual performance. By spotting trends and patterns you can improve your approach, pinpoint strengths, and anticipate challenges. For example, you can identify which sales reps communicate the best with thecertain type of health care professionals, therefore make the best out of your sales force. Have your every sales rep be your best one.

Develop Your Team

Report filtering allows you to take the wide viewget an overviewor focus in on details. Reports like "activities by week" or "meetings per region" provide you withcomparative data on how members of your team are comparedagainstto one each otheranother, while your "total sales" report can be filtered so you can focus in on one reps performance. Use these insights to develop skills and motivate your team.

For Users

Generating reports is automatic. Use reports on your actual data to discover trends and patterns that can help improve your sales process, pinpoint strengths, and anticipate challenges.

Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Put your CRM to work for you. Elverion gives you automatic reports to improve your communication and relationships, and help you be more effectiveefficient. Elverion analyzes all of your activity data and generates reports you can use to identify trends and spot opportunities in your routine.

Improve YourProcess

Using information from the activities you save, Elverion generates reports on everything from which city is the most challenging to arrange a meeting, to what type of the health care professional needs more time for a presentation. Take these insights and optimize your strategy: change meeting times, modify your pitch or focus on your most successful presentation.