eDetailing refers to the activity of pharmaceutical sales representatives (reps) when they make visits to physicians and provide them with "details" - approved scientific information, benefits, side effects, or adverse events - related to a drug.

Move forward to today - eDetailing means using interactive and engaging modern technology platforms in the product presentation and sales process. eDetailing is a comprehensive solution for product informations (for complex and specific products, or biologic and novel mode of action), moreover it offers integrated online surveys, market segmentation and targeting project. Thus, at the end closing the loop for a tailored approach to physicians. Pharmaceutical and medical companies can benefit from eDetailing by delivering the message of their brands and products along with any related information to healthcare professionals.

eDetailing help both sales representatives and physicians with a great way of getting the information they want at a time that suits them. Not to mention the level of flexibility and information depth companies and physicians can get through eDetailing, they can get all the resources and references needed just with a tap. Endless possibilities for enhancement and ongoing refinement process, customized for specific target group.