Elverion is Cloud based CRM system for pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies. This means that it doesn't matter what kind of Internet connected computer, tablet, or smartphone you are using, with us your CRM will always be on and available. This is because the data is held on the internet instead of on your individual computer. We are providing native and intuitive app for any Android tablet, and rich web application.

With Elverion system you can use stunning interactive presentation tools combined with unimagined segmentation opportunities from the data you own about your customers. Engage medical professionals in a one-to-one dialogue and gain precise understanding of each doctor's interests and needs.


Create eye-catching presentations that involve and engage. Advanced profiling options make each sales representative highly relevant - matching doctors' individual interests and knowledge level. (Link koji vodi na eDetailing: "Learn more about eDetailing")


Everything that happens before, during and after the meeting is recorded in the system. So each time the doctor interacts with the sales representative, they learn more about their needs.(link koji vodi na Activities Management: Learn more about Elverion Activities)


Because your marketing segmentation constantly improves, you can continually refine your communication - providing each doctor with relevant and high value information and services. (link koji vodi na Analytics: "Learn more about Elverion Analytics"


The Elverion system makes updating digital detailers easy. Then distribute to sales representatives instantly and across channels - whether tablet, laptop or a PC - and all within in a secure system.